The Hidden Costs of Travelling

There are always miscellaneous costs in everything that you do. And travelling is no exception.

The biggest forgotten cost that we have found is travel vaccinations and medicines.

Now, it depends where you are going to as to whether you will be affected, but if you are, you can’t skimp on medical things. Please note, I am not a medical professional, so this is what I have learnt from my doctors, it is not a binding medical fact.

Malaria: It kills. Fact. If you are going to a malarial zone, or near one, or might be going, get the course of drugs. It can be expensive, but there are several different types of treatment that all have different pros and cons. Some make you more sensitive to the sun, but those tend to be cheaper. Some are better in terms of sun sensitivity but are more expensive. On the whole, as anti-malarials they are all pretty much the same.

Tetanus: If are in the UK, this is a free injection. You will have had two jabs whilst were at school (aged around 4 and 14) and should have a booster every 10 years anyway. Go to your GP, and you will get it free on the NHS. However, if you go to a travel clinic, they will charge you!

Typhiod: Same deal as Tetanus, go to your GP, it is free. You get one shot and then a booster within (I think) 6 months and you are covered for a further 3 years, then its a booster every 3 years after.

Hepatitis A: GP again, same deal, it’s free. But you need one shot and then a booster. That covers you for at least 20 years after the booster.

Hepatitis B: Travel clinic. It isn’t necessary that you have it, but you might as well if you can. It’s a course of three over 6 months and that covers you for 5 years. You can have an accelerated course which is 3 over 1 month, but you will need a 4th shot 6 months ater to cover you for the 5 years. Then it is one every 5 years. These shots cost between £65 for the course to £120, it just depends on where you live, and the suppliers.

Rabies: Well, this is one that I would recommend everyone have. It is expensive though. Ours in £55 per injection, and we need 3. But, it covers you for life. It doesn’t stop you from getting rabies though. If you get bitten, you have 24 hours to get to a hospital and get another two shots. But if you don’t have the first three and are bitten, you have to have all 5 and immunoglobulin (which is not easy to get in some places)

Japanese Encephalitis: We haven’t had this one, we got recommended to just up the deet bug spray as, unless you are working in the rice paddies or pig farms, you should be ok with just the sprays. But look into it, your health is important!

Yellow Fever: Some places require you have your certificate before you can get into the country. If you need it, get it. *Update: Since January 2016, the Yellow Fever certificate covers you for life, so once you get the vaccine, that’s it done.

Other medical vaccinations I have not needed yet, so if you have any knowledge, let me know!


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