Bear With… I’m trying to do this justice

I have a post to write on travelling with an anxiety disorder, but I want to do it justice, so it is going to take some time and editing.

I hope to have it up here by Monday night, but as I said, I want it to be right as this is important to me, and to the people that I need to write it for.

Anxiety and depressive disorders are seen as a taboo still, but so many people live with them, including myself, that this post needs to be right.

I hope you understand the importance of this post, and why it will take me a while to get it ‘perfect’.

If you have any thing that you wish to share, please feel free. I’m here to support. Because I know how much it is needed.

If you are suffering with depression, anxiety or any other mental illness, I highly recommend the Blurt Foundation – they do some brilliant work supporting and raising awareness in the UK .


2 thoughts on “Bear With… I’m trying to do this justice

  1. Donna says:

    Thank you a million times for writing this. I admire the strength you have to see the world without wanting to hide under a duvet, like so many with anxiety do. Muchos loves, as always x


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