Peterborough Cathedral: A child’s view.

The children in my class today wrote all about their trip to Peterborough Cathedral. Here are some of the best explanations of why you should visit:

They are very young, so please forgive some of the odd phrasings….

“I liked Peterborough Cathedral because it was really fun and we found out about the lady who had her head chopped off.”

“We sawed Jesus.” (We saw the Jesus statue)

“It is really pretty and they used to keep an arm there. They prayed to the arm a long time ago, then it ran away.”

“Peterborough Cathedral is really old. It is even older than my Nanny!”

“The best bit was lunchtime because we didn’t have to walk around.”

“The Cathedral is where monks used to live. Then the vikings killed them all so they had to live somewhere else.”

“There is a Kangaroo to find.”

“There are books in it.”

“Katherine Dragon lives there now she is dead.”

and my favourite:

“Mary Queen of Scots was buried there, then she was dug up and now she is buried in Downton Abbey.”

Children should always be asked why you should go to somewhere.

Picture Credit: Gary Ullah

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