This week, I’ll mostly be reading….

There comes the time before any holiday, weekend break, 2 week summer holiday, or full on expedition where you have to start thinking about what you are going to take to read. For most people, this is in the airport on the way out of the country, or at most a week in advance.

For me, I begin this process today. Approximately 10 weeks before I go. I read a lot as it is, I read pretty quickly, and devour books within days if not hours. I spend my days reading de-codable texts (Today was ‘Toad builds a road’) so in my own time I like to escape (and not hunt for a duck on every page….) I prefer for my books not to rhyme if possible, and preferably have around 300-400 pages. Any more than 450 and the book becomes awkward to hold (and far too heavy for travelling with). Any less than 300 and I have finished it in an evening.

That being said, I now have my Kindle, so longer books are now an option to me once again (Hello War and Peace, I can finally read you without my arms falling off). The travelling book decision is however, still a tough one. So, I can read a book of any length. I like romance, comedy, action, history, mystery, crime. Most styles really – not so much sci-fi, but I’m open to anything really! So I should be able to find somthing to take away with me really easily right? Wrong.

The problem that I have is that I buy what I know. Or rather who I know. I stumble across an author for one reason or another, usually a recommendation (or the book cost 20p) and read a book of theirs, then if I like it, I will read everything they have ever written. And here in lies the problem. I know who I like, but I have read all their books. So unless they all put a rush on their writing in time for me going away in July, I guess I have to find a new author… Or two.

My current favourites are: Matthew Reilly (I just think his writing style is amazing, lots of action, the right amount of emotion, he makes you care, he makes you laugh, he has really interesting story lines. I follow him on twitter and as a person, he is just incredible.)

I love Andy McDermott: The Nina Wilde/Eddie Chase series is brilliant! But I buy them on the day they come out, and have them finished by the next morning… Again, action, adventure, historical aspects (All my favourite books have historical mystery type things)

I like James Rollins: I have a mixture of e-book and paper copies of all his novels, and again, it is all the action, mixed with the history, and the technology/unexplained phenomena that draws me in and makes me happy.

I used to be big on Lee Child books, but recently, I’ve found them to be very repetitive. Or maybe it is just that I am still angry about Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher. A man described as 6ft 5, and weighing like 220lb of pure muscle.

The Hunger Games Series. Everyone has their unexplained loves. And the Hunger Games is mine. I love the characters and the ideas, and the film adaptation (can’t wait for Catching Fire in November). I’m also, just a little bit, in love with Jennifer Lawrence. She is just beautiful, but I must get back to the point or the rest of this post will be about my love for her – Sam is slightly concerned…. I just wish there was another book. The life after ‘The Mockingjay’ main story and before the Epilogue. Basically, I want the whole romance bit! I love childrens/teen books such as Harry Potter and I also (hate to admit it) quite like the Twilight series. Just for a bit of trashy escapism… And in book form you can throw it across the room when Bella gets whiney (about every page or so) so you get some good anger management in there too.

Trashy romance end of the scale: I like Sophie Kinsella and Jill Mansell, it is the escapism, and the ‘I know there will be a sad bit, but it will always end happy’ storyline. Sometimes, I just want life to be a romance novel!

So, I guess what this post is really about is: can you recommend any authors to me? I need about 10-15 books for a month long trip. I am open to any ideas, especially if you are big fans of the above authors also!

Books, authors. Ideas, PLEASE?


Image Credit: Tim Geers

4 thoughts on “This week, I’ll mostly be reading….

  1. Charleen says:

    I’m a huge James Rollins fan. Steve Berry novels have sort of a similar style. John Hart and John Verdon are another couple great authors, though I’d say their books are more serious and less fun escapism. The Pendergast novels by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child are very good as well. Good luck coming up with reading material!


    1. Suzie says:

      My Kindle is my new best friend! Although I am completely paranoid about dropping it either on my face (and breaking myself) or in the bath (and breaking it!) Thanks for stopping by!


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