London calling

Tomorrow we head for London to begin the VISA application/stamping process.

London, one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the World. But, it fills me with dread.

Early morning, hustle and bustle of a city containing over 8 million people. And trains. Urgh, morning commuter trains. There is literally nothing worse than a morning commuter train. Well, aside from the cost. I understand the reasoning, but I don’t understand the justification of increasing the price three fold so that the times when people actually need to use the train, and the carriages are  packed to bursting (were talking standing room only, but no room to actually breathe) you essentially have to pay more for worse service. Basically, if you travel in the UK on a train: avoid any train before 10.30am or between 4pm and 7pm. Prices are exorbitant, service is worse than poor, and you get the joy of being smushed into a fellow travellers armpit for your hour+ journey. And the chance of getting a seat… approximately zero.

Can you tell that train companies in the UK upset me? I understand that they need to make money, but why take it out on your customers? These are people who already pay over the odds for station parking, and they do it through choice! People who have to commute because they can’t afford to live in the city they work, or have other commitments (I know a few people who had to move out of London to become carers of elderly relatives, yet still have to work)

Rant over….

London trip tomorrow. This means: Embassies, good food and cake.

If you are ever in London, I recommend one of the Hummingbird Bakery for cakes. Literally the best cakes on the planet. (And so pretty!)

Also, go to China Town, and visit the Kowloon bakery. The steamed sponge is a must. As are the Char Sui Pork Buns.

As much as London is about the culture, and the experience, I think I’ve been there too much, and for now: for me, it is about the cake….

Where do you love to visit in London? Let me know in the comments.


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