The Ever Changing Plans

Once again, it has been too long! But this week I have graduated! So I feel I have some sort of excuse, maybe!

2013-01-23 10.21.01.jpg

Now that I am officially finished with University, we can concentrate on travel 🙂

So, the plans for 2013: Vietnam (HCMC), on to Cambodia (Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Siem Reap), and then into Thailand (Bangkok, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan)

Well, those were the plans. I left Sam with the maps and the guide books and today he tells me he would like to spend more time in Vietnam, somehow jump over Cambodia and spend more time in Thailand. This is why I normally plan and just give him the info!! I still want to go to Cambodia, and to be honest, the original route worked in terms of timings and what we originally wanted to do. But thats the joy of travelling – you make it up as you go, as you hear about something else that you really should do, as you decide that a certain place isn’t worth spending all the time you originally thought.

We shall see who wins out on the travel route – for logic, it will be me, but if it comes down to a fight (OK, that won’t actually happen) it would be Sam!

I’ll keep you updated as soon as we know the plans!

But what this all really means is, we want to travel more, for longer, to different places, to see the world, to experience everything, to meet new people and live in the unknown. I guess the uncertainty is what we have always liked, so at this rate, I’ll be blogging from China or Nepal or maybe even Chile over the summer!

If you have any travel tips for Vietnam, Cambodia or Thailand, leave a comment below.



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