Good Morning Vietnam!

Well, evening actually. But it seemed like the most clichéd title I could come up with.

We flew, it took about 27 hours in total to get here, so suffice to say, we went pretty much straight to bed yesterday. Flight one took us to Austria. They gave us pretzels. And only pretzels on the two and a bit hour flight. Flight two: Vienna to Bangkok took just over 9 hours. They gave us dinner and breakfast. But not a very good film selection. And flight three: Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City. One hour, dinner meal and an incredible selection of films. And more comfortable seats. We officially prefer Thai Airways to Austrian Airlines.

Today, Thursday (I think) we walked around the whole of Ho Chi Minh. Well, the whole of the tourist area! I feel like I’ve walked about 10miles…. although it is probably closer to 4.

We have been to several markets (just to scope out). We have seen the river: it is murky. But clearly contains a lot of fish and shellfish because we have seen it on the markets everywhere. That and fresh cuts of meat-somehow not going off despite being in 30C+ temperatures!

We have walked through every different type of neighbourhood, from the Porsche Cayenne and Gucci zone to the tin roofs and cardboard wall houses.

We have seen history and futurism juxtaposed at every turn. Parks alongside crazy road ways – we’re talking 6 lane highways with no one in an actual lane, and a swarm of mopeds that don’t atop at traffic lights vs us trying to cross the road! I feel like I have been playing moped roulette most of the day and we have only been walking!!

We have tripped over many times, me more so than anyone. But not on the uneven paths. Oh no, we have tripped in restaurants and in a ridiculously posh skyscraper roof bar. We have all sweated out 5 litres of water. Probably more. But this  place is freaking beautiful.

Have you been to HCMC? Where would you recommend to see? Let me know in the comments below.

Keep wandering,

S and the rest x


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