Shianoukville: two days in 5 minutes.

Proper update time. Just back from dinner, it’s half 10, and I can honestly say that I am ready for bed!

Catch up on the last two days: beach, shopping, storms, food and bites.

Let’s start with the beach. We are staying in Shianoukville, which is Cambodia’s main beach location. Specifically, our little bungalow hut thing is on serendipity beach (see the photo of our view in Welcome to Cambodia) The beach is fine: sand is white, but very sticky. The whole area is rather underdeveloped. I have no issues with ‘roughing it’, but the raw sewage is pumped out over the sand from each street. That is not so pleasant. In general though, the whole place has a very laid back vibe; very backpacker-y, lots of gap yah’s, and lots of very chilled out European ex-pats.


Shopping: we haven’t made it to the market yet, but we have met a Cambodian girl who is going to take us there tomorrow to show us “how to shop like a local!” We have made it to some of the shops closer to the beach, but we can’t barter in them. Although saying that, there are quite a few charity run shops that employ people who used to be beach sellers (and more importantly, the charity pays for the employees children to attend school) So I don’t mind  paying a set price in them!

Storms: It is rainy season, we were expecting them… but my word, the lightening fills the whole sky. The first night we were here, we had on  that knocked out the power, last night we had a relatively small storm, and then we had rain today. But the rain is warm. And the water in the puddles/running down the hill is the same temperature as a hot bath. It soaks you through, but it feels great because it just knocks the humidity down from 95% to about 90…. the heat stays the same however. But it becomes more bearable! Looks like another storm tonight.


Food: is amazing. Khmer cuisine is generally quite spicy. But is just so healthy! No processing, no additives, lots of fruit and vegetables, rice, noodles, meat, and (especially by the coast) lots of sea food! I’ve found I can’t eat a whole portion of most things because of the heat. But it tastes so good that I want to try everything!!

Lastly, bites: Mosquitos like to live near water, we all know that. Apparently, they like to eat me. I am religiously using deet spray, I am eating all the things you are supposed to to keep them away, but nothing is working this year! Not only are they biting, the bites are swelling to the size of my hand. But, I’ll deal with them, because this is a pretty incredible place.

Have you been to Shianoukville? What were your impressions of it?

Keep wandering,

S (and the rest) x


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