A day in Phnom Penh. Hospital edition.

You know a few days ago when I said I fell over whilst running on the beach? Turns out I hurt my wrist. The pain has been getting steadily worse over the last few days, so today, I went to the hospital.

There are three main hospitals they send westerners to in Phnom Penh: Naga, SOS and Rattanak. Naga and SOS are apparently the best for small issues, Rattanak is for your bigger problems: It is linked to Rattanak in Bangkok and if you needed any surgery, this is the place to go. With insurance, you would be airlifted to Bangkok to be operated upon.

Anyhow, we went to Naga at about 11.30 today. $30 for a consultation. But it was with a European doctor who spoke perfect English. She told us that I needed to go to a different clinic for an x-ray. But there was no point in sending us now, because it is closed until 2.30 for lunch. Oh, and don’t go at 2.30 because there won’t actually be a doctor there till 5!!

So, at half 4, we went to the Aurore Clinic for my x-ray. It was quick service! 10 minutes and $20 later I had a copy of my x-ray. But…. there was no doctor. If fact there was no doctor in at all day today. But we could wait, because the doctor would be in at midday tomorrow to check over the film!!

So, we went back to Naga. Where we met another doctor who looked over the film, decided there was no break. But I got a cast anyway. 1) it will immobilise my arm and stop it from getting knocked whilst it heals. And 2) they can charge me loads of money to put a cast on.

I’m going to have fun calling the insurance people tonight!

I now have one very warm arm.


What is your worst travel injury? Ever had to use a hospital system in another country? Let me know your stories in the comments!

Keep wandering,

S x


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