8 Things I Now Know About Cambodia

8 things that I have learnt over the past two days in Cambodia.

  1. In French it is called Cambodge.
  2. Most of the people missing limbs have list them through snake bites, not land mines.
  3. But thieves still get hands chopped off.
  4. Many criminals become monks as it is the only part of society which accepts them after they have come out of prison.
  5. Tuk-tuk’s don’t exist in Cambodia. Instead they have remork-motos.
  6. It is illegal to drive with your lights on in the day. But not to text whilst driving, drive the wrong way down a duel carriage way, squish 5 people onto a moped or drive on the path because it’s rush hour.
  7. When you vote in Cambodia, they dye your finger black. The dye lasts for a week to prove that you can’t vote again. (Bonus: It is election week this week)
  8. If you smile, people smile back and don’t think you are crazy.

Do you know any more fun facts about this beautiful country? Let me know in the comments below.

Keep wandering,

S x


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