Honeymoons r us. Why don’t you exist?

This year, we shall mostly be looking at honeymoons. This is our travel opportunity – and honestly, the only trip we can afford this year!

So, 2014, its is a big year for Sam and me. We are (finally) moving into our house, buying our very own furniture, and most importantly, getting married. So, expensive year, but it’s going to be so worthwhile!

This all means that our travels will be stripped down this year. Which is sad, but also thoroughly exciting. But as it turns out, it’s harder to find a honeymoon than we imagined!

So, the pre-requisits for our honeymoon: 1. Must be somewhere we have never been before. 2. Must be outside of Europe. 3. We are not going to travel around, we are going to relax (maybe) 4. We don’t really like beaches that much, so probably not just a beach town. 5. Not a typical honeymoon destination.

Let me explain why those are in place: 1. We would like to see somewhere new, we always do, I guess that’s why we love to travel so much. 2. Europe is so close to us, we can pop over for a weekend – or for a longer holiday, we will end up at a Spanish beach type place which is basically ‘Brits on holiday’ (and I am clearly a holiday snob when it comes to destination!) 3. We don’t ever go away and just spend time in one place. At the end of our trip this summer, we spent 6 days at on place, and it was bliss. No carrying of bags, no hot crammed busses, just time to escape from life. 2 weeks of that, sounds like a nice time to me! 4. Beaches aren’t off limits, but neither of us are the ‘sit on the beach’ type people. Pools are better than beaches – for starters, there is no sand. Secondly, I might have a slight fear of the ocean if I can’t see what I’m stepping on. So, you know, the crystal clear waters of Bora Bora are fine! But mainly, the way I see it, a beach is a beach. Wherever in the world, it is still a beach! 5. This one is two fold. Firstly, typical honeymoon destinations are just that, full of newly weds, and are what is expected from a honeymoon – beaches. Secondly, the cost. You put the word honeymoon or wedding into the sentence and the price doubles or triples instantly. I guess my issue is that we want to see the world, but not go into debt over it!

So what are our thoughts? Well, first choice was Peru, we would love to do the Inca Trail…. but you have to stay in tents. With other people. Not really a honeymoon. Next choice, Borneo – I would love to do orang-utan conservation work. But the Government put a travel warning on the place we wanted to go. On the morning that we went to book it! So that is out the window. Now, we are on the hunt again!

Where are you dreaming of honeymooning? Have you found this decision as had as us? Let me know in the comments below.

Keep wandering,

S x

Image Credi: Bruce Tran

4 thoughts on “Honeymoons r us. Why don’t you exist?

  1. greatfoodglutenfree says:

    Hi Suzannah. Just a thought for the honeymoon – Marrakech. I think it ticks your 5 required boxes. I have been 3 times and it offers a truly amazing experience. The famous Jemaa el-fnaa square is Africa’s busiest square with food sellers, snake charmers and story tellers and the sights, sounds and smells are so memorable. French speaking but with an Arabic / Berber culture, wide range of hotels from the most basic to the most luxurious. Miles of souks, camels, deserts, and of course HOT sunny weather. Let me know if you want to know any more.
    PS – great blog – keep it up


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