Top Honeymoon Destinations: North America

If you have ever searched online for ideas or information, then you know there are a million ‘Top 10/20/25/50’ Honeymoon destinations. I’ve been looking, I think I have read pretty much all of them. And now, I feel that maybe I have some kind of authority to talk about the million possibilities that there are!

I’m combing and combining lists, creating my own. These are not my dream honeymoon destinations, but seem to be everyone else’s! And, it’s not a countdown, just a numbered list! Today we shall start with North America.

1. Hawaii


Image Credit: f. emert

If you are based stateside, then the only destination you should head for is apparently Hawaii. Now I, being very un-knowledgeable on Hawaii, thought that it was a couple of islands, very similar to one another. Apparently not. You can go island hopping across diverse landscapes, from lush jungles to barren volcanoes, waterfalls to lava flows, sandy beaches and some of the best surfing in the world. You can trek through volcanic craters, snorkel in the crystal clear waters, go for a romantic stroll or just relax on the beach. There are hundreds of resorts dedicated to honeymoons. Head to Hawaii for a mixed honeymoon – relaxed or adventure, sunrises, sunsets, diverse flora and fauna, to snorkel or surf, and for dedicated romance!

2. Niagara. Either side!

Image Credit: Joe deSousa

Both Canadian and American sides are beautiful. Daytime, you have to do the Maid of the Mist boat ride. At night time marvel as the falls take on a completely different personality with the ever changing coloured lights. My research leads me to recommend the Canadian side to stay – Niagara-on-the-Lake would be my personal choice. Close to the falls, quaint little old town, and close to Toronto! Head to Niagara for awe inspiring beauty, delicious food, romantic views and 2 counties in one!

3. Jamaica

Image Credit: Ishamari Colon

For some reason, Jamaica never occurred to me as a honeymoon hot spot. However, it seems to be the place to go! I recommend the Kanopi House Tree Houses in Port Antonio. I’ve never been, but they look beautiful! Holiday brochures describe the many beaches with the most glorious array of adjectives, by the sound of it, Jamaica is the place to go for perfect beaches! Head to Jamaica for dramatic fire dances, rhythmic steel drums, iconic beaches, relaxing spas, river rafting and heart-warming romance.

4. New York

Image Credit: Kolitha de Silva

New York, New York: so good they named it twice. If you aren’t a fan of beaches, then New York is the perfect choice. It has drama, it has excitement, it has romance a-plenty. There truly is nowhere like New York. Lock your padlock on the Brooklyn Bridge and throw your key into the water below – a symbol that your love will last forever. Take a carriage ride through Central Park. Stand atop to Empire State Building and marvel at the man-made and natural beauty of this city. Stroll hand-in-hand on the boardwalk at Coney Island (There is a beach here too!), eat, shop, be merry. Head to New York for an iconic honeymoon, a city break, a place where you can watch the world.

5. Florida

Image Credit: Chad Sparkes

There is more to Florida than Disney World, but that’s a pretty awesome honeymoon! Florida has it all: Beach? Check. Cities? Check. History? Check (St. Augustine is the oldest town in the USA, and at almost 450 years old, that’s actually pretty old!) Known as the Sunshine State for a reason, Florida is a perfect choice for summer or winter honeymoons. Head to Florida for year round sun, palm trees, sunsets, and Disney – don’t forget Disney.

6. Barbados

Image Credit: Berit Watkin

One of the most popular places for a foreign wedding, and why wouldn’t you want to marry there? Crystal clear waters, white sand, palm trees, hammocks, infinity pools, everything you expect from a romantic getaway. Hotels and villas are exceptional, romantic, relaxing and everything honeymoon. Head to Barbados for moonlight music, cliff-top restaurants, a dream-like fantasy.

7. St. Barts

Image Credit: tiarescott

Some discrepancy about what to name this island, is it St Barts or St Barths? Full name Saint Barthélemy, and described as the most unusual of the French West Indies Islands. Now, I’ve only ever heard of St Barts in terms of famous people holidays, and apparently it is a fantastic place to superstar spot (if you are in to that type of thing – personally, I would be far too in awe of anyone famous to ever talk to them, so it seems like a redundant activity) St Barts offers offers an ‘eclectic mix of iguanas, night-blooming cactus, and fabulous beaches’. Head to St Barts for that celebrity feel, luxury yachting, scuba diving and even submarine trips. What more could you want on a honeymoon?

8. California

Image Credit: Ian D. Keating

The home of fame and fortune. Also, of Pacific Beaches, Lake Tahoe and Palm Springs. California has wine a-plenty with romantic vineyard tours. Palm Springs offers trekking, horse riding and beautiful mountains. Lake Tahoe offers skiing in the winter, water-sports in the summer, and breathtaking scenery year round. And then, there is of course Los Angeles and San Francisco. Head to California for anything you could think of. Cities, countryside, mountains, lakes, beaches, sunshine.

9. Bermuda

Warwick Long Bay Beach
Image Credit: Tony Takitani

Long gone are the days of fear over the Bermuda Triangle, nowadays, Bermuda is a serious holiday destination. Bermuda offers some very unique scenery – sapphire waters, and pink sands. Hop across the isles linked with bridges and play golf! Bermuda has more golf courses per square mile than anywhere in the world. Head to Bermuda for incredible photo opportunities and unusual scenery. This is the best honeymoon destination for any golf lovers!

10. Anguilla

Image Credit: ToddonFlickr

Anguilla is very similar to the other Caribbean Islands, beautiful sandy beaches, crystal waters, and plenty of sunshine. But more importantly, and what sets Anguilla apart is the abundance of affordable world-class hotels. Head to Anguilla for Caribbean charm, coral reef snorkelling, and one of the most laid back paradise islands of North America.

Bonus: Anywhere else in the Caribbean (St. Lucia and the Virgin Islands are prime examples!)

Where would you recommend in North America? Let me know in the comments below.

Keep wandering,

S x


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