Top Unusual Honeymoon Destinations: North America

Yesterday was all about your traditional honeymoon destinations.

Today, I offer you five unusual honeymoon ideas. North America has a lot to offer, it’s not all beaches and cities.

So, here it goes – ideas you might not have thought of!

1. Canada – by train

Photo Credit: Norio Nakayama

Catch a train, see Canada. It’s sort of that simple. OK, it is a lot better than that. Canada has one of most incredible train networks in the world, it is near enough coast to cost, and top to bottom. And the trains, well, they are something special. Most sleeper trains across the world provide you with bunk beds – which Canadian trains can off. But they also offer you cabins with double beds, glass walls and ceilings. The dining is billed as second to none, the views superb. There are many routes you could take, many views to absorb throughout the day and night, many fellow travellers to meet. Take a train based trip if you want to see several cities, want to travel through the mountains in comfort, or, you now, if you love trains.

2. Ranching (USA)

Image Credit: Damian Zech

Turns out that there are a lot of different types of ranching holidays. If you don’t like horses or cattle, then don’t worry – there is actually a type of ranch for you! They are called resort ranches – and they do the cowboy experience activities, but also golfing, spas, rafting and wine making. Dude ranches tend to offer a wide variety of ‘Western’ activities from Wild West shows to Rodeos to Square Dances. Guest ranches are there for relaxed riding trips. Other activities are available, such as fishing, but riding is most encouraged! And then there are working ranches – where you learn to drive the cattle, brand and rope. So, basically, if you like the idea of a wild west honeymoon, there is a ranch waiting for you!

3. Road trip across the USA

Route 66
Image Credit: Einar Jørgen Haraldseid

Route 1, Route 66, Coast-to-Coast, Monument Valley, Florida Keys, New England in the fall. Get in a car and go. See the sights, feel the sun, let the find flow through your hair (if you hire a soft top). You don’t get to stay in one place for long – unless you have a long time for your honeymoon, but you do get to see the USA. And some of the real USA at that – not just the tourist hot spots. OK, one note about this, plan your route, make sure you can make it to your final destination in time – It’s a great plan to drive coast-to-coast, but if you can’t make it to the second coast in time for your flight, it’s going to be a costly mistake! If you enjoy driving, want to see a lot of the USA, or just don’t really know where you want to go, then why not try a road trip!

4. Alaska – Ice Road Trucker!

Image Credit: FairbanksMike

I’m going with almost everyone has seen the TV programme, so I don’t need to explain the concept. Provided you head to Alaska (or Canada’s North Western Territories in the winter) you can “join a trip by ice road along these frozen arteries of winter transport.” (  I don’t think you actually get to go with a trucker, but you can take tours or self-drive the ice roads. From what I have read, Dalton highway is the best for scenery. But wherever you go, make sure you are fully prepared. I’m talking things to keep you warm, food, drink, anything you could possibly need – because as you drive you will hit the middle of nowhere, with nothing and no one. I guess you would have to be a die-hard fan, or into ice and snow. And you have to love driving. But lets be honest, there is probably nothing cooler than saying you went ice road trucking for you honeymoon.

5. Canada – Rafting

Image Credit: Mike Beauregard

Nahanni River Rafting. You are outdoors-y and love adventure. You want a challenge and you don’t mind ‘roughing it’ in a tent. is where you want to look! They offer guided hiking, rafting and canoeing for beginners and experts alike. With 16 rivers, icebergs, rapids, waterfalls and nature galore, they really do offer a visual smorgasbord to be enjoyed. If you want excitement, if you want an experience, and you don’t mind being a little chilly: check out Canadian Rafting tours!

Hope you enjoyed my offbeat North American honeymoon ideas.

Did I miss your perfect North American honeymoon? Let me know in the comments below.

Keep wandering,

S x


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