Top Unusual Honeymoon Destinations: Asia. Part 1

One ridiculously long title, but hopefully some interesting information.

Ideas for honeymoons that are not the Asian norm.

1. Oman

Image Credit: Francisco Anzola

Oman is trying to gain some of the fame and fortune of its neigbour the U.A.E. (think Dubai!) A friend of mine lived in Oman for a while, and told me she thinks it is a shame that the country is trying to become a Dubai-a-like, because Dubai was purpose built in the desert and Oman is lovely and traditional. There is a lot to do in Oman; jeep excursions, sailing, traditional Arab markets, and mountains in the south.  The Omani people are friendly and welcoming, but it is a traditional Muslim country, so, unless you are in your hotel complex, knees and shoulders should always be covered as a sign of respect – even if you are told “it doesn’t count because you are not Muslim.” Head to Oman for a Middle-Eastern getaway that is still traditional and relatively new to the tourist trade.

2. Vietnam

Image Credit: Guido Da Rozze

Vietman offers some of the most diverse landscapes known to man. Stop in Saigon (the old name is becoming more commonplace, and is interchangeable with Ho Chi Minh City) for the markets, the insane traffic, and the weird fusion of French and Vietnamese. Head to the Mekong Delta for a spot of ‘crocodile fishing’ (you don’t get to catch and keep the crocodiles, it’s more feeding them), traditional industries and river cruises. Head to the Cu Chi Tunnels to gain some perspective on the war. Or go north to Hanoi for museums, temples and parks; and head to Halong Bay for a breathtaking, alien landscape. In other words, head to Vietman for a varied, wild, unusual honeymoon.

3. Nepal

Image Credit: Sharada Prasad CS

Nepal is probably most famous for its mountains. The mountainous north offers 8 of the 10 highest mountains in the world – including Mount Everest, so if you are into mountain climbing, there isn’t really anywhere else to go! Travel to the southern regions however, and instead of snow-capped peaks, you can take a jungle safari tour.  Head to Nepal if you are into extreme mountain climbing, or want somewhere with low tourism, but fantastic tourist activities!

4. Bhutan

Image Credit: Stefan Krasowski

The land where Gross National Happiness is more important than Gross National Product. The peoples of Bhutan pride themselves on an ecofriendly and sustainable approach to tourism. There is a myth that Bhutan has a limit on the number of tourists to enter the country each year – this is not true. However, there is a ‘visitor tariff’ of around $250 a day. This sounds expensive, but the tariff is an all-inclusive fee, and includes accommodation, food and an official guide. Bhutan truly is the last forgotten paradise, and your tourism fee will be helping to bring the ancient country into the modern world, whilst unwaveringly maintaining its distinct cultural identity. Head to Bhutan for that Shangri-La experience.

5. Laos

Image Credit: Samnang Danou

Often overlooked in favour of its more famous neighbours, the landlocked nation of Laos retains its old-fashioned, welcoming charm. Laos still allows westerners to feel as though they are treading where few have tread before. Make sure you head for Van Vieng and tube down the river, make sure you try the local food – spicy and herby, it has its own distinct flavours; and definitely visit That Luang, the most important religious building in Laos. Head to Laos if you want that ‘Asian-backpacking’ feel without the swarms of backpackers.

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Have I missed your perfect honeymoon destination? Let me know in the comments below.

Keep wandering,

S x


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