Top Honeymoon Destinations: Australasia/Oceania/Australia/Pacific Places or what ever you wish to call it?!

Today, we take a trip to Australia. And New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands.

Now, there has been a lot of debate recently (I’m a primary school teacher and had to teach the continents…. We debated in the staff room for a long time!) about the name of this region. Is it Australia? Australasia? Oceania? When I was at school I was taught it was Oceania, but other teachers were taught Australasia, but if you Google it, then you get Australia and the Pacific Islands. I personally think that New Zealand deserves a little more recognition than ‘Pacific Islands’. So, here is my dilemma, hence the title!

This area is probably as ‘traditional’ honeymoon as the Caribbean, and it should have far more recognition!

1. Sydney, Australia

Image Credit: Jason Tong

Sydney offers city romance, with nearby beaches: the beaches at Bondi and Manley offer fantastic surfing, as well as great sand! The city itself offers an incredible skyline, especially when seen from atop the harbor bridge. Take a cruise through the bay, and enjoy dinner on the water. Head to Sydney for a city break, with beaches!

2. The Whitsundays, Australia

Image Credit: Greg Bailey

The Whitsundays is a set of 74 islands, offering 5 star resorts, and year round sunshine. Cruise the beautiful beaches and coral reefs by sailing boat, or book into one of the many adult-only resorts, popular with honeymooners worldwide. Head to The Whitsundays for sun, sand, sailing and scuba diving.

3. Byron Bay, Australia

Byron Bay.jpg
Image Credit: Stephanie Watson

This laid back town offers beautiful scenery and pristine beaches. With a wide variety of activities on offer, including hang gliding, fishing, trekking through the rainforest, kayaking or just lying on the beach. This location has it all. Head to Byron Bay for a relaxed vibe and high adrenaline activities.

4. Barossa Valley, Australia

Image Credit: Raelene Gutierrez

Famed for its fine food and fine wines, Barossa Valley offers a rustic getaway. Tour the many vineyards, hit one of the many festivals, and enjoy the delicious food. Head to Barossa Valley if you really love food and wine.

5. Lake Taupo, New Zealand

Image Credit: Henry Lawford

Adventure junkie or romantic? Head to Lake Taupo for the best of both from skydiving to jet boating, bungee jumping to quad biking; Taupo is the perfect place to get your adrenaline pumping. If you like things a little calmer, then head for DeBretts Hot Springs, Tongariro Hiking trails or one of the scenic lake cruises. Head to Lake Taupo for romance, adrenaline, and to see Mount Doom.

6. Glacier County, New Zealand

Image Credit: Bernard Spragg

Take a ride to the top of Fox Glacier by helicopter, and walk back down through the blue crevasses and ice caverns of New Zealand’s largest glacier. Take a trip to Franz Josef, and kayak on Lake Mapourika: paddle your way through some of the untouched rainforest, the protected home of the Kiwi bird. Head to Glacier County if you love the outdoors, and don’t mind being a bit chilly.

7. Fiji

Image Credit: stevetulk

With 333 islands, I am pretty certain there will be one for you. The home of happiness, with accommodation ranging from beach huts to 5 star resorts and even private islands, there is a place to stay for every budget! Famed for its coral reefs and white sandy beaches, Fiji is one of the world leaders in eco-tourism. Hide away on a private beach, or make friends with the turtles. Head to Fiji for happiness and romance.

8. Cook Islands

Image Credit: Robert Linsdell

The best kept secret in the Pacific. Half way between New Zealand and Hawaii, the Cook Islands are quite simply, stunning. Offering a rare beauty, an idyllic climate, warm welcoming people with the widest white smiles and a pace of life unsurpassed for peace. From high adrenaline, to relaxed and sophisticated, the Cook Islands offer it all. Head to the Cook Islands for an island hideaway.

9. Tonga

Image Credit: M W

Un-spoilt beauty and welcoming to all. The Kingdom of Tonga is a honeymooners dream. Spend your trip sailing around the islands, or make your base at one of the many guest houses, hotels or resorts. With over 170 islands to choose from, Tonga will have the perfect location for you. Dive with humpback whales, or try to land a blue marlin when you take a trip game fishing. Take a trek through the rainforest to see the 800year old Banyan trees or just lay on one of the many beaches. Head to Tonga for excitement, especially if you enjoy fishing!

10. Tahiti

Image Credit: Jon Rawlinson

I think it is impossible to hear the word honeymoon and not think about Tahiti. One of the Tahitian Islands, Bora Bora, has the most incredible resorts – it’s a Four Seasons, and it is stunning. Huts over the crystal clear waters, glass floors, plunge pools, and your own chef to come cook for you if you don’t wish to walk all the way to the restaurant, it would be a pretty amazing honeymoon. But at £4,000+ per week for a couple, I think you might have to win the lottery in order to stay here! There are other places to stay, and they are stunning too, other resorts, other islands and they are all as close to perfection as possible. But for me, nothing would beat that Four Seasons! Head to Tahiti for perfection. And because you are super rich!

Where is your perfect honeymoon destination? Did you go to one of the ones above? Let me know in the comments below.

Finally, because today is the 16th January and I can, Happy 60th Birthday to my lovely Mum!

Keep wandering,

S x


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