Top Unusual Honeymoon Destinations: Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific

No decision as to what to call this area, but that doesn’t mean I can’t write about it!

Without further ado, my top 5 slightly more unusual honeymoon destinations for all these islands.

1. Waitomo

Image Credit: 2il org

Possibly the best place in the world to see glowworms. Take a trip into he cave system and catch the boat through what can only be described as glowworm central. You need to stay silent as you glide through the waters or the insects will put out their lights. If you are into more adventurous persuits, then try black-water rafting – like white water rafting, only you get a rubber ring instead of a boat. And instead of a river,  you get to pot hole your way through cave systems. And did I mention that Waitomo has one of the most incredible hotels? Stay in a repurposed plane, or a hobbit hole! Head to Waitomo for glowworms and adventures.

2. Rotorua

Image credit: Christian Michel

This is the adventure capital of New Zealand. It is the home of Maori culture, the home of zorbing, the home of adrenaline! Bungee jumps, skydiving, white water rafting (Sam definitely recommends this one), hot springs, geysers, jet boats, sky swings, and don’t forget Wai-o-tapu’s fantastic multi-coloured lakes. A feast for the eyes, and enough excitement to last a lifetime, Rotorua is a place everyone should visit at some point in their lives. Head to Rotorua for exhilaration, ear-to-ear grins and unexpected colour.

3. Tasmania

Image Credit: Steven Penton

Discover an island rich in World Heritage Wilderness, five of Australia’s World Heritage Convict sites, quality food and world-class wine; a place where adventure, culture, heritage and luxury converge. (I might have just directly quoted that from discovertasmania, but it pretty much perfectly sums it up!) I personally think that Hastings Caves looks pretty incredible, and should be visited. And then you should drink some wine, because the Tasmanians are very proud of it. Perfect for a self-drive honeymoon (although you will have to forgo the wine if you are driving). See the national parks and hunt for the elusive Tasmanian devil. Head to Tasmania for wine, lots of wine.

4. Niue

Image Credit: Pia Waugh

So, as much as you pretend this is going to be a rest, you know that you will actually be doing some form of work on the beach. Sound like you? Niue is the place to come. Niue is the first island to offer free wifi throughout the country. Niue is a Pacific Paradise: try swimming with dolphins, snorkeling the colourful reefs, or hire a bike and cycle through the jungle. Niue is an ecotourist paradise, and it is still ‘the way things used to be’. Head to Niue for that tropical island paradise, without the tourists.

5. Tokelau


Image Credit: ISS Crew Observations via DFAT

You probably haven’t heard of the island nation of Tokelau. And even if you have, it is very unlikely you will have visited. Possibly the most inaccessible tourist destination, you need to be prepared for a journey before you enter paradise. The Tokelauans are very proudly Polynesian: joyful, welcoming and generous. Tourism is not the main priority of the inhabitants of the three Tokelau atolls. There is one hotel, one guesthouse and one resort (one on each island!) There is no airport, or even sea-port! You can get there though, by catching a ship from Apia, Samoa. Your journey will take about 24-36 hours each way, with a round trip of around 5 days. And these ships run once every 2 weeks. And with no seaport, you must catch a launch to get to the islands. Just to top it off, if you want to sleep on board the boat, you need to bring your own mattress! I’ve sold you on this journey right? Alternatively, you could hire your own boat or helicopter! When you finally get to this atoll, the endless views of the ocean, the coral reefs, sandy beaches and traditional festivities are sure to keep you happy. This is a honeymoon to remember! Head to Tokelau for traditional Polynesian hospitality, and because you love long sea voyages!

Where would you love to honeymoon in this part of the world? Let me know in the comments below.

Keep wandering,

S x


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