Top Honeymoon Destinations: Europe

I left Europe until last for a reason: we haven’t really considered it for our honeymoon. We want to go further afield. So I haven’t done a whole host of research. But now I have! And Europe is cool. Europe is historical. Europe is romantic. So where is best?

  1. Paris
Image Credit: Moyan Brenn

Think of romantic places, and Paris is probably the one that springs to mind. Walks down the Seine; or even better, learn to tango by the Seine. Climb the Eiffel Tower. Visit some of the many Churches and Cathedrals (Sacre Coeur is my personal favourite). Take in culture and history at the many museums. Experience all the Moulin Rouge has to offer. Take clichéd pictures, and ‘lock’ your love on one of the many bridges. Eat, drink, and enjoy all the Pairs is. Head to Paris for iconic monuments, delicious food and l’amore.

  1. Venice
Image Credit: Moyan Brenn

Venice probable came second on your list of romantic places. Probably best known for its canals, there is far more to the city than the image of a singing gondolier. History, art, palaces, churches, bridges, museums, gelato, carnivals, festivals, markets, wine: there is something for every couple. Head to Venice for beautiful architecture, enchanting food and, of course, to travel by gondola.

  1. Santorini
Image Credit: Maggie Meng

A rugged, yet idyllic volcanic island in the middle of the Mediterranean, the island is instantly recognized thanks to its white washed buildings. Although the beaches aren’t sandy, the pebbles are multi-coloured, and it is possible to stay in cave hotels within the cliffs. I’m also told the seafood is excellent (but as I’m highly allergic I can’t confirm!) Head to Santorini for sunsets, seafood and swimming in the caldera.

  1. Fjord cruise
Image Credit: Tristan Taussac

Maybe you aren’t a city break couple, maybe you aren’t a beach pair, maybe you prefer something a little cooler? Cruises are popular for newlyweds, but this is slightly different. Go in the winter and you have a chance to see the Northern Lights and glaciers as you head into the Arctic Circle. Take a trip in the summer months and the landscape is luscious and green. Head for a Fjord Cruise for ever changing scenery.

  1. Monaco (with a day trip to Nice)
Image Credit: Chris Combe

Think James Bond glitz and glamour, think Grand Prix, think casinos, yachts and multi-millionaires. Monaco is simply beautiful. High-class restaurants, elegant hotels, and shopping beyond belief. From Monaco it is possible to daytrip to Nice for the white sands, and even more world class restaurants. Head to Monaco to feel like a celebrity (and maybe spot a few)

  1. Ireland
Image Credit: Dora Meulman

Ever wanted to honeymoon in a Castle? Ireland is definitely a great choice! Ireland conjures images of luscious green rolling hills, tumbledown castles, Guinness, rainbows and dramatic scenery. Warm, welcoming people, hundreds of miles of hiking, wide beaches and a slight mystical aura make Ireland a must see. Plans my change due to the weather, but it doesn’t stop the country being a fantastic honeymoon choice. Head to Ireland because you just drawn there.

  1. Bruges
Image Credit: Wolfgang Staudt

With its castles, canals and cobbled streets, medieval architecture and carriage rides, Bruges is a beautiful city in northern Belgium. Dozens of chocolates line the narrow streets, the restaurants serving traditional cuisines spill out into the main square, and historical sites, such as Flanders Fields are only a short trip away. Personally, I recommend visiting Bruges solely for the waffles at Chez Albert. Head to Bruges for adorable surroundings, and some of the best chocolate and waffles in the world.

  1. Prague
Image Credit: Roman Boed

The perfect mix of historic and modern makes this city a Bohemian fairy-tale. Head to Prague castle for the world’s biggest ancient castle, walk hand in hand over the Charles Bridge, or rent a Praha Bike to explore the ancient streets. Head to Prague for whimsical fun.

  1. Seville
Image Credit: Jorge Franganillo

Seville is a place that I have always wanted to visit, so I might be a bit biased here. Sunshine, elaborate architecture and traditional Spanish food. Wander through the opulent palaces and parks by day, then eat, drink and flamenco the night away. Head to Seville for tapas, views and dancing.

  1. Rome
Image Credit: Moyan Brenn

There is so much to see and do in Rome, after all, it wasn’t built in a day. Know what you would like to see, where you would like to go, what you would like to do and then go and do it all! Visit the Roman Coliseum, people watch, buy and wear beautiful clothes, be blessed in the Vatican. There is something special about Rome than makes you fall in love with the city, so what better place to honeymoon with your love. Head to Rome for romantic strolls and unparalleled culture.

I guess my BONUS place would be the UK – for several reasons, I discount here in my lists, a) we live here, b) we short break here, c) we want something different. But I will give you my best of the UK for honeymoons!


Image Credit: Hernán Piñera

Personally, I would say to skip London for a honeymoon, but then I’ve never been a huge fan of the city beyond the odd daytrip (I think it’s because I am a country girl a heart!) Chances are though, you will fly into the city, so have a day or two to do some sightseeing, watch a show or try to catch a glimpse of the Royal family.

Lake District

Lake District.jpg
Image Credit: John McSporran

It does what it says on the tin. It is an area full of lakes! It is a popular summer holiday destination, with hundreds of luxurious hotels and boutique B&B’s. With picturesque landscapes, and watersports galore, as well as walking hiking the Lake District offers a beautiful backdrop to your honeymoon.


Image Credit: Jack Pease

Another area popular with summer tourism, known for its pasties and ice cream, as well as surfing, beaches and clotted cream. Snap a pic at the edge of England, at the aptly named Land’s End, and walk across water to visit the Saint Michael’s Mount. Cornwall even boasts a rather impressive (indoor) rainforest in the form of the Eden project.


Image Credit: Archie Images

Boasting coast as well as mountains, Snowdonia has some of the best landscapes that the UK has to offer. My main memory of Snowdonia is trying to climb up Snowdon with a raging temperature and an earache that made me want to fall over. It probably wasn’t the best idea, but I do remember that the train that takes tourists most of the way up is sweet, and the views from the top (or even part way up) are stunning. Don’t forget to take a trip to Portmerion, the tiny scale town that is the setting of the The Prisoner.


Image Credit: Moyan Brenn

City, but with spectacular countryside with in arms reach. Make sure you visit the castle, hike up Arthur’s Seat, or scrae yourself with a Ghost tour. For anyone heading to Edinburgh I always recommend a night visit to the National Monument on Carlton Hill to look out over the best view of the city.

Is Europe your perfect honeymoon destination? Where would you love to go for your romantic getaway? Let me know in the comments below.

Keep wandering,

S x


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