Top Unusual Honeymoon Destinations: Africa

To explain, I’ve not written in a long time, but I’ve had a lot of posts partially written on my laptop, so now they are finished, and you are all getting several in a day!

One huge continent, with everything you can possibly imagine, there are hundreds of places that could have been on this list. I’ve chosen a few, some because of the experience, some because of the place, and some because tourism is rarely seen in these areas.

  1. Kilimanjaro
Image Credit: Ninara

Probably the most famous on this list, but not the most expected of honeymoon ideas: why not climb Kilimanjaro? It is one you will have to seriously plan in advance, you can’t just rock up the day after your wedding and expect to reach the top; some training will be necessary. But since brides tend to want to lose weight/tone up before their weddings, you could always incorporate your training for mountain climbing into your work out routine! Most people who complete the climb also tag on a more traditional safari afterwards, so you get the best of both: offbeat and more traditional! Head to Kilimanjaro only if you are serious about mountain climbing, and think of the experience and sense of achievement you could gain.

  1. Uganda
Image Credit: fiverlocker

I have to admit it isn’t the first place I think of for a holiday, but then I read about gorilla safaris! Guided walks allow you to observe these gentle giants in their natural habitat surrounded by the dramatic mountains and valleys of Bwindi Forest National Park. At night, a tented camp is set up, allowing you to sleep within the rainforest. Head to Uganda for gorillas, star-gazing and incredible scenery.

  1. Namibia
Image Credit: Monica Guy

Famous for its large number of shipwrecks on the Skeleton Coast, Namibia may not seem to be the most romantic of places. But if you take the chance, you will be surprised. Camp under the stars, spot black rhinos, leopards and cheetahs, ski down some of the highest sand dunes in the world, and take a trip on the Desert Express train. Head to Namibia for a pleasant combination of adrenalin and relaxation.

  1. Guinea-Bissau
Guinea Bissau.jpg
Image Credit: Ólafur Páll Geirsson

Specifically the Bissagos (Bijagós) Archipelago. The 88 islands are a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and offer an almost untouched island getaway. Only 20 islands are populated, so there are plenty of private white-sand beaches and islands to explore. And as international tourism to the area is extremely low, you will find plenty of beach-side cabins and oceanfront restaurants to relax in. Head to Bissagos for a surprisingly low-cost, private retreat.

  1. Saint Helena
Image Credit: ISS Crew Earth Observations via Global Panorama

Lying 1,210miles west of the African mainland, for 500 years the only way to get to St. Helena was by boat. It currently requires a five-night crossing from Cape Town on one of the last working Royal Mail ships. But, things are set to change in 2016 with the opening of St. Helena’s first airport. Probably most famous as the place where Napoleon was exiled after his defeat as Waterloo, Saint Helena offers deserts, forests, (black) sand beaches, rolling pastureland, and peaks of up to 2700ft. Not bad for an island measuring only 5 by 10 miles. Head to St. Helena, however you travel, to experience a truly unique destination.

Does Africa excite you? Is it your perfect honeymoon destination? Let me know in the comments below.

Keep wandering,

S x


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