Travel Plans: 2016, 2017, 2018…

This year, sometime in August, Sam and I have decided to head off: to explore, to see, to experience. We have left our jobs (or I will have at the end of the school year) and we are renting out our house. We expect that we can take around 3 years out of the ‘real world’ in order to go and explore the rest of the world.

We are building ourselves a camper (details will follow) and we are going to drive around Europe for a bit. We are going to catch the Trans-Mongolian train, and bus through Vietnam and Laos. And we could go anywhere else in between: nothing is planned!

At the moment, we have ideas. Things can change, we just want to be out there and see the world, meet people and experience as much as we can.

Around February next year, we will get to New Zealand where we have 23 month working visas, so we will probably spend quite a bit of time there. But to be honest, this is not about planning: this is about freedom.

Whilst we are pretty care free in our lives (we have a house with a mortgage, but no children or other major responsibilities) we feel now is the best time to go. Before we can’t, before we get to the point that we feel too old, or too far in our careers that we can’t just quit. Right now, have savings and we have passion.

So, currently I am researching.

I’m researching travel wardrobes: after all we are going to be hitting many different seasons/weathers in a very short space of time. I’m researching those ‘must have’ travel accessories and deciding if we really do need them.

I’m researching how to turn a van into a camper. How to do the insulation, where is best for reupholstering seats, how to best cross the channel. And Sam is researching how to turn my ideas for the van into reality.

I’m researching different countries, finding things that we would like see, places we would like to go and generally taking any advice that people have to offer.

Where is your next trip? Where do you dream of going? Let me know in the comments below.

Keep wandering,

S x

Image Credit: Nicholas Raymond

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