27 Days to go

It is officially less than a month until we leave the UK and we are in chaos!

Van being built, house about to go up for rent, working out where to keep all of our possessions (or at least the few that mean anything to us), applying for visas, stocking up our travel wardrobes, changing addresses on everything we own and trying to eat everything out of the freezer.

We have the Channel Tunnel booked for the 8th August, and that suddenly seems very close. There is so much to do before then after all. First off, I still have a week of work to go, and it is crazy busy – prom was last night, hundreds of rehearsals for the leavers assembly, the actual leavers assembly, and not forgetting all the normal lessons too.

Chinese visas are being applied for as I type (the forms are being filled out, and will be taken to London with passports tomorrow). Our house is in general disarray – parts for the van are strewn about throughout our downstairs (carpet, lino, plywood, batteries, electrics, light, fridge, sink, microwave, toilet: you name it, it is not tidily placed in the house) The van has been at the panel beater to remove some dents and scratches, and today it has been taken to be wrapped with a pretty design, so there is no working on it at the moment.

Today I received another delivery for my travel wardrobe, now I think I am only in need of 4 more items, but I’ll need to wait for pay day to purchase those bits!

As for our freezer – I’ve never seen it so empty. Soon we will be eating meals of frozen cod and ice cream because that is all we have left. Yummy…

But 27 days!

Where are you off to this summer? Are you all planned? Let me know in the comments below.

Keep wandering,

S x

Image Credit: Jennifer Weber

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