The end of an era (does three years count as an era?)

Here it is, I’ve finished my last day at work. Now I am unemployed and just need to pack (travel gear and house) and finish building the camper. It’s a little scary being officially without a job, but the hardest part was saying goodbye to the fabulous people I work with.

Three years of teaching, and lots of wonderful friends later, and I have finally realised that this whole travelling idea is a huge step. To all those people I have worked with, thank you for all the laughs, moans, hugs and everything in between. And all those beautiful children who I will no longer see daily, I know they can do anything they put their minds to, everyone has been simply amazing.

I have every intention of keeping in touch with people, but I know how scatterbrained I can be, so if it takes a couple of weeks to reply to messages, I still love you all!

2016-07-20 19.37.45
Thank you for all my lovely presents 🙂

Signing off as a teacher for the last time (at least for the moment!)

One rather emotional Mrs Smith xx


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