Introducing Harold Saxon

I am aware that I am a big geek, and when we decided to buy a van to convert into a camper, we always knew it would need a name. We bought a Renault Master, and my thought process for naming went something like this…

‘M… M… M… the Master’

‘Maggie the Master? No, my Micra is called Maggie’

‘Martha the Master?’

‘Micky the Master?’

‘The Master… The Master…’


Because in Dr Who, an alter ego of the Master is Harold Saxon. So, now our van is called Harold Saxon.

We have spent a few weeks working on the camper, and currently we are fully insulated, the back is boarded and the floor is raised and boarded too. We have fitted two roof vents and a solar panel, and we also have the start of a bed frame and half of the van is carpeted. What we don’t yet have is a finished ceiling (although we have cut the boards for it!), we don’t have any floor covering, electrics, curtains, kitchen, toilet or the actual bed. But who cares, because we have all the bits in the house, they just need to be fitted! (Give us 15 days or so!)

This week, we took a massive leap forward – at least in the looks department! The van has been wrapped, and I personally think it is beautiful (Thank you Billy for helping out with the design) So, Harold Saxon looks the part from the outside, we just need a little bit more work on the inside!

2016-07-20 19.36.31 HDR

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Keep wandering,

S x


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