Hello Europe!

Greetings from Europe! After a slight delay, we have now set off on our journey.

 2016-08-11 12.57.03 HDR

Today we travelled to Folkestone to catch the Euro Tunnel, then drove through France and are now safely in Belgium.

After finishing the camper late last night, today’s wake up alarm was not really welcome, but it mean we could throw everything into the van and get going on our way.

As we drove through France, we visited Steenwerck, a rather quaint little town – and final resting place of my Great Uncle, Frank Riddle, who died in 1915 during WWI, aged only 17. We aren’t totally sure, but we are possibly the first family to visit him. Thank you to Kathleen for helping Mum to find his grave – we have been able to lay a wreath on behalf of all of the family.

2016-08-11 17.05.12

Travelling into Belgium was somewhat lacking – whatever route the sat nav took us, it was not a major thoroughfare. There wasn’t even a sign to tell us that we had changed country! The only thing that gave us a hint was that the road signs suddenly looked different, and the cars had a ‘B’ on the numberplate instead of an ‘F’! Next border, I want a big sign, some sort of road barrier, officials in uniform, some confetti, maybe people in stereotypical dress doing stereotypical things. Our next border is to the Netherlands, so I’m thinking clog dancers with pigtails dancing whilst holding tulips…

I think I might be deliriously tired after so many late nights working on building the camper, so I bid you geode nacht from Gent.

Would you love to give up a normal life in order to travel? Are we totally crazy or just living the dream?

Keep wandering,

S x


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