Copenhagen (the City where Sam became an Ironman)

If cities have souls, Copenhagen has one of the most beautiful.

Our stop in Copenhagen wasn’t really a sightseeing one – it was prep for Ironman. And although we did get to see some parts of the city, I only glimpsed the Little Mermaid, but it isn’t a problem – it just means we have reasons to go back.

To get to Copenhagen from Hamburg, there is a massive bridge – its something like 20km in total, and seems to go on forever. But it ain’t half pretty.

We stopped out of the camper in Copenhagen, opting for an apartment via Air BnB, thus allowing more space – and a shower. Knowing that our main objective for the time in this city was for Sam to complete his Ironman triathlon (2.5mile swim, 112mile bike and a marathon) we spent a fair bit of time relaxing, or checking out the course.

Overall, Copenhagen was very successful – I went for a run and a bike ride (because I’m trying to be healthy)

Sam completed his Ironman (and was generally exhausted)

We ate Danish pastries (yum) and saw some rather beautiful buildings!

Oh, and bonus, we found a place called Middelfart. Which totally amused us in a very childish way. 2016-08-17 13.50.03-2.jpg

Second bonus: plug sockets look like smiley faces 🙂

/2016-08-17 20.26.35

Do you love Copenhagen? What do you recommend to do in this city? Let me know in the comments below.

S x


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