We’ve been travelling through Sweden for a few days now, and also not travelling through Sweden for a few too. Since leaving Copenhagen, we have headed north, done a little wild camping, done some city camping, and also camped out in a hotel room whilst Harold Saxon (the camper) has been in the garage.

There was bound to be something wrong with the van at some point, but it is still annoying. The fan belt snapped, which meant we lost all the power steering and it’s taken 5 days to sort. So we have spent a few extra days in a town called Örebro than we intended!  Örebro is very cute, but it is small – we walked pretty much the entire town in a day. But is does have some lovely churches, and a very cosy castle, plus lots of restaurants and some super locals. Big shout out to our tow truck driver, who not only towed us to the garage and dropped us off at our hotel on Saturday, also came back and picked us up today and drove us to the garage so we could pick up the van!

Prior to our Örebro stop, we found some rather lovely places to camp. There were lots of trees and lakes – something mum told us all about!

And of course, there was Stockholm; full of old world charm, cathedrals, castles, and ice cream!

So, after a 5 day delay, we are now, finally, back on the road. Norway, here we come!

Where is your favourite place in Sweden? Where would you recommend to visit? Let me know in the comments below.

Keep wandering,

S x


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