New Years Resolutions. Sort Of.

This year I won’t make a resolution to change. Yes, I want to be thinner and fitter. Yes, I should probably give up at least some of the insane amount of chocolate that I eat. Yes, I could vow to become more organised or to save money. But is any of it actually going to happen?

Instead of a resolution, I make a promise: to live each day to the full, to take pictures, to travel as far and wide as I possibly can, to travel responsibly – learning what I can from the people I meet, respecting people, traditions and cultures, minimise my footprint (carbon, plastic, electrical power, etc.), to keep in contact with all my loved ones – near and far, to show that I care, to make memories that last for a lifetime.

And I promise to remember, each day, just how lucky I am. Because I am lucky. I am lucky to be able to do the things that I do. I am lucky that I have my health. I am lucky to have a loving, supportive family and group of friends. I am lucky to have the most wonderful husband who is happy to share all these adventures and experiences with me.

And this is all I need for the New Year.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2017.

Keep wandering,

S xx


2 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions. Sort Of.

  1. Glenys Reid says:

    I don’t think this posted properly – when you go into ‘read more’ there aren’t any words – just a picture. Love Mum xxx

    Sent from my iPad



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